Balcombe Viaduct

A curious view of infinity beneath the London to Brighton line


Jack and Jill windmills on the South Downs near Clayton


Meticulously rebuilt: Arras's main square, devastated by warfare in 1917

The Radnorshire Hills

Beacon Hill, a remote valley near Knighton

Nutbourne Vineyard

I am Tim Locke a freelance writer, project manager and editor with 30 years’ experience.

Key assets

Project Manager

Many of my projects have involved day-to-day running of large projects, dealing with authors, designers, publishers, cartographers, picture researchers and editorial teams. I have never missed a deadline.

Copy Writer

A wide range of writing styles. I have written magazine features, insightful text for guidebooks, market reports, holiday brochures, walk directions, children's books, extended photo captions and much more.


Highly experienced and skilled at all stages of the editorial process, from product concept to checking proofs.

Featured Projects

Below you find some of my recent projects. A full list is available on my portfolio page.

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