50 Sussex Walks

Project Summary

Two major updates on this best-selling guide to walking in the county.

Walks directions require a very careful writing style, which I have specialised in through work on walk guides over many years. I carry a dictating machine and take photographs for all my walks, and annotate maps with any corrections. These have been done to a rigorous timetable, some in wintry conditions, including floods and blizzards.

For the three updates I worked to very tight schedules - checking out directions, updating text on pubs and places of interest, and revising the AA's maps.

For the first update, the walks I worked on were at Loxwood, Amberley, Climping, Arundel, Slindon, Bignor, Charlton, Black Down, East Lavant, Chichester and Kingley Vale.

For the 2013 update I checked and substantially rewrote 27 routes, all in East Sussex and mid Sussex. Where necessary I rerouted the walks to improve them.

I also worked on revising the 40 Short Walks in Sussex book for the AA during 2014.

To get an idea about the guide, have a look at the link below to a charming walk at Loxwood, on an atmospheric section of canal that is gradually being restored to use (click on the pdf icon to download the text):

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