Bradt Travel Guides editorial projects

Project Summary

Three editorial projects carried out for Bradt Travel Guides.

As well as working on the Slow series for Bradt, I have worked as an editor and updater for the same publisher.

Bus Pass Britain picks out 50 bus journeys in Britain, from the West Country to the Outer Hebrides, and from rural mid-Wales to the north Norfolk coast. They were originally chosen by a range of the British public who'd been invited via the University of the Third Age and some other organisations to send in details of their favourite bus journeys. A selection of these was made; the contributors were invited to write up the descriptions. It was a runaway bestseller: something about the concept worked brilliantly. A second volume of bus routes was added.

Then several years down the line I had the task of updating 50 routes from the two volumes, sifting through numerous online timetables on the way and updating anything that looked like it might go out of date. Is that hexagonal bus shelter at Fairy Cross still in existence? Does Brampton Bryan still hold an annual scarecrow festival in August?

Nicky Gardner, who edited the first two books with great expertise, was enlisted to whittle the routes down to 50 and to advise on all matters bus-related.

Freedom Pass London was the output of two retired men, Mike Pentelow, who wrote the text, and his friend Peter Arkell, who took the photographs. Mike and Pete devised 25 outings bus-assisted walks and explorations of London, its suburbs and its outskirts. Novices to guidebook publishing, they came up with some wonderfully offbeat ideas and snippets of local history - including a walk and bus tour in the footsteps of Karl Marx, and a visit to Trent Park where Mike recounted a fascinating story of how caputred German generals during World War II were spied on during their luxurious incarceration in the mansion there. I worked on rewriting, correcting and enhancing the text to make it work as a chatty, fun guidebook.

The Alpe Adria Trail, written by travel expert Rudolf Abraham, is a practical guide to walking the eipc lnog-distance hiking route from Austria through the Alps of Carinithia and Slovenia to northern Italy. I worked on the initial edit, making the text consistent and checking details against maps - a ten-day job done in considerable time pressure.

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