Explorer Boston and New England

Project Summary

A 288-illustrated guide to the six states of New England: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

With the back-up of Discover New England (the marketing arm of the state tourism bureaux) and Destinnations (a company arranging itineraries) I travelled thousands of miles, visited nearly 200 museums and other attractions and stayed at dozens of inns and hotels during a ten-week working trip in 1993. I worked on three subsequent updates - checking all the facts and fitting in new ideas - and returning to New England to review sights and gather information on winter sports.

To make the book stand out from the many others to this famous and much-travelled corner of the US, I sought out many unfamiliar places - some of which were even unknown to the local tourism offices who were helping me with my trip. I have tried to slant the book to appeal to the fastidious, cultured reader (American as well as European) who wants to find out about the Revolutionary battles, where dollar bills get shredded up, where to take a walk in the mountains or a whale-watching trip on the coast, or how the native American's fortunes have soared with the advent of vast casinos in Connecticut.

The Travel Facts section at the back of the book is written in separate versions for British and American readers.

The sections I wrote were:

  • New England: a regional view
  • The Shakers
  • Boston
  • Connecticut
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • New Hampshire
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Travel facts

What readers think

This book is a good guide to New England. I used it to plan out my self-drive tour and took it with me when I travelled. It proved invaluable. It comes complete with a large scale map which is especially useful if you are travelling from city to city as I did. Places of interest are listed at each location and good summaries mean you can decide easily if you visit or give it a miss. I would not hesitate to buy another AA travel book for my next holiday destination.


It did such a good good of supplementing our tour guide's very good materials, that she was going to get her own. She was nice, so we gave her ours. Wonderful blending of short synoptic items, great selection of points of interest, and excellent photographs with additional two-page extended essays on pertinent subjects ranging from early Americana to Native American gambling institutions. Very attractive and lively layout, good indexing, and very informative. The text is not burdened down with lots of places to stay, eat, or pay for entertainment. But suggestions abound in separate compact sections at the back of the book. Good maps. Very convenient size. A great book to point you in the right direction, then to bring back the memories. Both my wife and I give it a 10: which means it does an excellent job of satisfying both right- and left-brain appetites for information on this marvellously rich region.

Copyright © Tim Locke. All rights reserved.

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