Lewes Walks: Town and Downs

Project Summary

A new leaflet with specially drawn maps linking Lewes with the surroundings.

Funded by Lewes Town Partnership, Lewes District Council, Lewes Town Council and Harveys Brewery, this map/guide was hugely popular and Lewes Tourist Information Centre used it to show thousands of visitors how to walk from Lewes and explore its surroundings. The second edition came out in 2014 and with funding from the South Downs National Park.

I developed the idea of routes linking Lewes with the South Downs Way; new signposts have now been erected to encourage South Downs Way walkers into the town. Also, those starting from Lewes can now easily find their way into the countryside: as well as the South Downs Way at Black Cap, Rodmell and Kingston Ridge, you can follow routes to Mount Caburn, up the River Ouse to Hamsey and Offham Chalk Pit, around the Coombe and past the Martyrs’ Memorial, and into Oxteddle Bottom.

Succinct route explanations join the town map to the country map on either side of the leaflet.

Lewes Walks: Town & Downs was available free of charge from Tourist Information Centres, and its first edition coincided with the 40th anniversary of the South Downs Way in 2012. It has now effectively been replaced by my 2016 publication Car-Free Days Out from Lewes, funded by the South Downs National Park and also available free from Tourist Information Centres.

So with this map/guide, at last Lewes is joined up to its surroundings: I’m always amazed by the number of locals who don’t really know how to walk out of town.

This leaflet follows on from the successful Cycle Lewes leaflet which my wife Anne and I devised with funding from Lewes District Council.

A section of the map © Andy Gammon
A section of the map © Andy Gammon
Copyright © Tim Locke. All rights reserved.

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