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Watery delights of Champagne

A visit to the Champagne region east of France, but not just to sample the fizzy stuff - instead to nose around the area:

  • the cranes and other birdlife of the chain of reservoirs around Lac du Der
  • a canal tour with a difference in Châlons-en-Champagne, where tunnels are magically transformed through a sound and light show
  • the Moulins de Dosches - a working windmill painstakingly reconstructed by a huge voluntary effort
  • a visit to the museum remembering the villages drowned by the building of Lac du Der
  • a curious encounter with an elk in Forêt d'Orient
  • a cycle tour taking in the region's astonishingly well preserved half-timbered churches

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Salisbury, Stonehenge and Avebury

A journey back in time into Wiltshire's ancient wonders:

  • among the stones at Stonehenge early in the morning
  • Old Sarum: Salisbury's precursor, abandoned in medieval times
  • at the top, looking down: Salisbury's wondrous cathedral
  • a wander round Avebury, a village surrounded by a huge prehistoric monument
  • Marlborough's wonky, creaky Merchant's House

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