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Rough guides to Norway, Scandinavia, Devon & Cornwall, Cancún & the Yucatán, Wales, Sri Lanka, Canada, the Cotswolds, Spain, Scotland, Scottish Highlands & Islands, China, Phillipines, Japan, Barcelona and Andalucia.

Editing an update is a big job, taking the best part of three months for a 320-page book. The text has to be spot on in content and style, and has to be made to fit the page extent. The maps are all amended and need checking, the photos are to be selected. It’s all painstaking attention to detail and schedules.

In 2011 the style of the series was radically changed, with more colour in the pages and pithier descriptions; it’s been done to make the books more accessible, and also to ease the way for co-editions in foreign languages and apps for mobile phones. I edited the second Rough Guide in this new style: Wales. It’s an area I know very well, and was working closely with the three update authors, the typesetter, the cartographer and the picture researcher. We were all very pleased with the result.

In 2012 I edited half of the Sri Lanka guide, with Gavin Thomas supplying the excellent update text. In 2013, the new edition of the 936-page Rough Guide to Canada was published, of which I edited half the text and maps, working with authors Steven Horak, Stephen Keeling, Phil Lee and AnneLise Sorensen.

In late summer and autumn 2013 I edited chapters of two parallel books, Scotland and Scottish Highlands & Islands, working with authors Helena Smith, Keith Munro and Rob Humphries. During summer 2014 I worked on chapters of the Spain guide.

In 2014 I worked on part of the Spain guide and project managed and edited the whole of Matthew Teller's guide to the Cotswolds, both for publication in 2015. This was followed by work on editing chapters of Scotland, the Scottish Highlands & Islands and China in 2016.

What readers think

Phil Lee would like to thank his editor, Tim Locke,  for his good humour and attention to detail during the preparation of this new edition.

Phil Lee
Author of the Rough Guide to Norway

Tim Locke was an exemplary editor, full of suggestions from his own familiarity with the region.

Robert Andrews
Author of the Rough Guide to Devon & Cornwall

Thanks to Tim Locke for fine editing and understanding when deadlines were tight.

Paul Whitfield
Author of the Rough Guide to Wales

Thanks to Tim Locke for his diligent and enthusiastic editing, and for guiding us superbly throughout.

Norm Longley
Co-author of the Rough Guide to Wales

Thanks especially to my two very fine editors, Samantha Cook and Tim Locke, who eased me gently into the new design and ensured a superbly smooth and enjoyable editorial ride.

Gavin Thomas
Author of the Rough Guide to Sri Lanka
Copyright © Tim Locke. All rights reserved.

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