Thomas Cook: Europe by Rail

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This Thomas Cook guide compacted the whole of Europe into 600-odd pages.

As editor on eleven editions, I reorganised and rewrote text to focus on the needs of Inter-railers and Eurailers - picking out the places they want to see and finding inexpensive accommodation along the way. I then passed on the job of organising this guide to Nicky Gardner and Susanne Kries, with whom I kept in regular contact while they took the book through subsequent editions.

Uniquely among guidebooks, this one is based on rail touring routes - recognising that readers will probably have a Europe-wide, or regional or country pass, and want to make optimum use of it. I can remember as a student Inter-railer the bemusement of being faced with tens of thousands of railways and not knowing where to start. This book makes the choosing easier, picking out the most scenic trips and telling the reader where to stop over. The Thomas Cook European timetablers were have been an invaluable back-up team, working out journey times and connections, and pointing out to me any illogicalities in the routes I proposed.

One edition of the guide came with a mini CD, which I wrote, with a mass of general information about travel in Europe, and with hundreds of active website links.

Thomas Cook ceased publishing all travel guides in 2013, and this, their guidebook bestseller, was one of the casualties. Happily it's now revived and in better shape than ever, under an independent publisher. Nicky Gardner and Susanne Kries are the editors. For information see www.europebyrail.eu

The essential volume for anyone intending to travel around Europe by train.

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The indispensable inter-railer's guide to budget Europe.


Essential reading: a mine of vital up-to-date information.

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