Travels and Adventure (Reader's Digest Condensed Books)

Project Summary

Travel facts spreads for an entire series of Reader's Digest Condensed Books on travel adventure titles.

Each of the 17 titles is an abridged version of a travelogue by a well-known writer. For each I provided a spread titled Travel Facts, so that readers can find out about visiting the region or country by themselves. I summed up the highlights and practicalities of making a visit.

The titles were:

  • Walking Across Europe (adapted from Clear Waters Rising by Nicholas Crane)
  • The Way to the Stars (adapted from Apollo 13 by Jim Lovell and Jeffrey Luger)
  • Discovering the Amazon (adapted from Mad White Giant by Benedict Allen)
  • Through the Great Canadian Wildnerness (adapted from Magnetic North by David Halsey with Diana Landau)
  • People of the Earth's Wild Places (adapted from The Lost World of the Kalahari by Sir Laurens van der Post)
  • Beneath the African Sun (adapted from The Cape to Cairo by Michael Nicholson)
  • From Pole to Pole (adapted from To the Ends of the Earth by Ranulph Fiennes)
  • Among the Islands of the Pacific (adapted from The South Seas Dream by John Dyson)
  • Exploring the Deep (adapted from Diving with Jacques Cousteau by Albert Falco with Yves Paccalet)
  • Into Deepest Borneo (adapted from Into the Heart of Borneo by Redmond O'Hanlon)
  • The Magic of India (adapted from Travels on my Elephant by Mark Shand)
  • Protecting the Earth's Wild Animals (adapted from The Aye Aye and I by Gerald Durrell)
  • On the Roof of the World (adapted from To the Navel of the World by Peter Somerville-Lodge)
  • Around Island Britain (adapted from One Summer's Grace by Libby Purves)
  • Across the Outback (adapted from In the Steps of Burkes and Wills by Tom Bergin)
  • The Great American West (adapted from A Hack Goes West by Dylan Winter)
  • Mysterious China (adapted from A Ride along the Great Wall by Robin Hanbury-Tenison)
Copyright © Tim Locke. All rights reserved.

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