Victorian Britain (History from Buildings/History on your Doorstep)

Project Summary

This book aimed at children aged 8 to 11 (Key Stage 2) is one of a series looking at how buildings define an era.

Buildings define an era in so many ways: this book is one of a series showing young readers what buildings tell us of life in a particular period. In the case of the Victorians, evidence is all around.

In Victorian Britain I focus on some of the most spectacular buildings of the age, as well as smaller ones - such as police stations, shopping arcades, sports grounds and libraries that reflect changing lifestyles and living standards.

The History on your Doorstep series was originally published as History from Buildings.

Contents include:

  • Factories, Mills and Warehouses
  • Railways
  • Working-Class Life in Towns and Cities
  • Homes for the Middle Class
  • Life in the Country
  • Chapels, Churches and Memorials
  • Improving the Mind
  • Places of Leisure
  • Workhouses, Prisons and the Law
  • Sickness and the Great Clean-up
  • Shops and Commerce
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